Ark of Taste Holiday Collection

Ark of Taste Holiday Collection

The dishes that will grace the tables of holiday feasts across the country, made from treasured and celebratory recipes, tell the story of generations. This year we invite you to make the traditional foods of the USA part of your own tradition.

Uncle Ed’s famous pecan pie will gain a new layer of complexity when made with American Native Pecans, and holiday party cocktails take on a new sparkle with a splash of Cranberry Ginger Shrub. The flavors of the Ark of Taste are as robust, surprising and eclectic as this country we share.

Slow Food USA and Heritage Foods USA have teamed up to curate a very special collection of foods from the Ark of Taste to create a memorable holiday feast.

These foods carry the histories of places and peoples who have made this land home. Sourced from good, clean, fair producers, these foods are also building a more sustainable, delicious and diverse world for all of us.

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*A portion of the sales from the Ark of Taste Thanksgiving Collection will support the work of Slow Food USA.


Q. What foods from the Ark of Taste are available for your holiday table?

Q. What is the Ark of Taste?

  • The Ark of Taste is an international catalog of endangered and delicious foods. Learn more here.

Q. What are the stories behind these foods?

  • Learn more about all the foods on the Ark of Taste here.

Q. Why are these items so expensive?

  • Like the foods on the Ark of Taste and in this package are endangered. They are not only rare, but also require a special dedication and commitment on the part of their growers - making them premium products. Slow Food USA is committed to working towards a future when a sustainable food system is integrated with an equitable economy able to sustain all of us.

  • Each purchase also includes a donation to Slow Food USA to support our Ark of Taste program.

Q. Where else can I find these foods?

  • Farmers near you are likely growing these foods, and more, from the Ark of Taste. Search for a producer near you at Local Harvest or contact your local Slow Food chapter for suggestions of reputable producers.

good, clean, and fair food for all.