OLIVE OIL! An Interactive Workshop & Tasting

OLIVE OIL! An Interactive Workshop & Tasting

Port Kitchens 344 20th St - Map

Oakland, CA

Join olive oil experts Roberta Klugman, Nancy Ash and Kathryn Tomajan Saturday April 1st for an interactive Olive Oil Workshop. They have milled & blended, imported & exported, tasted & judged olive oil the world over and it's a rare opportunity to have their wealth of knowledge all together in one room.

We'll taste five oils paired with foods chosen to bring out the both the oil's and food's flavors. We'll learn about growing and production methods and varietal differences and get recommendations on selecting oils. Additionally, they'll address fraud and mislabeling in the world of imported oils and what policies are being created to manage the problem.

Tickets are $60



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