Real School Food Challenge - New Orleans Celebrity Chef Edition

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Real School Food Challenge - New Orleans Celebrity Chef Edition

Goldring Center of Culinary Medicine 300 N. Broad Street Suite 102

New Orleans, LA

We've invited 5 incredibly talented chefs to battle it out in the Real School Food kitche to see if they have what it takes to rule school food. The challenge? Who can create the best school lunch recipe that meets healthy USDA guidelines. The catch? Can they do it using the same budget that schools have to work with - $1.25 per meal?
Come to watch the competition, sample school food culinary creations and support the local workforce in school food. All proceeds from this event will fund professional development scholarships for Louisana school food service staff to develop their skills in cooking and operating healthy school food programming through the Chef Ann Foundation.
(We acknowledge that we mistakenly scheduled this event on Yom Kippur and we are sorry to lose part of the community. We wish you an easy fast.)

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