Slow Fish 2018

*Event details may change. Please contact the organizer to confirm.

Slow Fish 2018

934 Brannan Street

San Francisco, CA

Slow Fish is an educational event. A gathering for fishermen, chefs, scientists, business leaders, educators, and seafood eaters to form a collective appetite for truly sustainable seafood. Slow Fish 2018 will work towards an action-oriented approach that is impactful and meaningful to the fishing industry and seafood eaters. Seafood should be good to eat as well as good to the environment and the people who harvest it. Seafood should be clean; knowing where your seafood comes from and how it was caught, farmed, or transported will support this. Fairness to all that work hard from fish to plate.

April 14 will include events all across San Francisco, specific locations TBD - events such as a seafood throwdown, oyster luge, etc.

San Francisco’s SOMArts will then host the two-day Conference (April 15 & 16).

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good, clean, and fair food for all.