Slow Food Day of Service: Plant a Seed for Amiya's Garden

*Event details may change. Please contact the organizer to confirm.


Indianapolis, IN

Admission: Free

One of the ways to promote good, clean, fair food for all is to help with the creation and development of urban gardens.

This is exactly what high school senior Amiya Jones is striving towards in her capstone project by creating an urban garden with the help of Dr. Jarrod Dortch’s agricultural start-up Solful Gardens. Slow Food’s Plant a Seed campaign seemed a perfect fit to help this dedicated high school senior achieve her goals.

Using a GoFundMe account, Amiya hopes to raise the money to build this urban garden and hopes to provide an access to healthy food for her community. Slow Food Indy is sponsoring one of the beds, and hopes that others will donate their time and money to support Amiya as well. Please donate to her cause, and meet us Friday April 20 to help her plant and finish her project.

Link to Amiya's GoFundMe:


Amiya Jones
[email protected]

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