Slow Food for Thought • A Cut Above: Pine Street Market

Slow Food for Thought • A Cut Above: Pine Street Market

Pine Street Market (4 Pine Street #A)

Avondale Estates, GA

Pine Street Market produces a variety of handmade artisan meats such as salami, bacon, sausage, pancetta and coppa. They bring together the best of time tested recipes and cutting edge technology to offer the highest quality - and most delicious - meats. Join us as we get a tour of Pine Street and a view into the world of charcuterie!

Members can attend for only $5 a person. Not a member? Not a problem! Feel free to join us for $35 OR go ahead and become a member at and attend for the reduced rate. (Remember: if you're thinking of joining us for two events this year, your membership pays for itself!!)

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