Slow Food Annual Report

2016 Annual Report
2016 Chapter Report

Slow Food Magazine

Our biannual magazine Slow : USA is a benefit of becoming a Slow Food USA member. We republish select articles on our blog.

Slow Food International Almanac

Highlights from Slow Food around the world.

Slow Food Almanac 2015

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Companion Guide

Everything you ever wanted to know about the global Slow Food movement: history, network, programs and more. Click here

School Gardens Curriculum

Slow Food USA is currently developing our Good, Clean and Fair School Garden Curriculum. "Good" means enjoying the pleasures of healthy and delicious food, "Clean" is gardening for sustainability, and "Fair" indicates producing food that respects economic and social justice.

Download the complete "Good" curriculum

Download the complete "Clean" curriculum


The Slow Food international movement officially began when delegates from 15 countries endorsed this manifesto, written by founding member Folco Portinari, on December 10, 1989. See more…

Avalanche Cheesegoats in Western Colorado

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